How it works

Most people work with us three times during their legal issue.


The first time you contact us you will talk to our friendly reception team.  We will ask you some questions to work out whether you are eligible for our services.


The second time you talk to us (once we know you are eligible) it will be with a caseworker.  This will not happen on the day you first contact us.


The second time you talk to us the caseworker will ask some questions about your case.  In most cases this conversation will be a phone call.  In some cases, it will be a face-to-face meeting or a video call.  The purpose this conversation is to work out:

  1. What has happened to you

  2. What you are hoping to achieve


The third time we work with you is when you receive your advice.  In most cases you will get your advice in writing (over email) or through a follow-up phone call.

Eligibility Criteria


We help people who don’t have much money.  The first time we talk to you we ask some questions about your financial situation. If you’re a student, a beneficiary, unemployed or on a low income, it’s likely that we can help.

We only help people from some parts of Auckland.   This is dictated by our contract with the Ministry of Justice.  We help people from: Auckland DHB region (excl. Otahuhu), the North Shore (east of the motorway), and the Howick/Pakuranga Peninsula).

There are 3 other law centres that help people from other areas.  You can find your local law centre here:

If you are not eligible for our services, we will try to refer you to a private lawyer or suitable organisation.


What we can (and can’t) help with

The legal issues we commonly work with include:

  1. Employment

  2. Money trouble (Work and Income, credit and debt, fines and court fines, problems with goods and services)

  3. Tenancy and housing issues

  4. Family matters (caring for children and family violence)


Issues we don't help with include business, commercial, trust, relationship property, and the buying/selling of houses.   


We can swear affidavits and statutory declarations with you but cannot usually advise on their contents.


What will we do

Our services are designed to help people to solve their own legal issues.  We do things this way because it allows us to help more people.

We will do some of the tasks involved in solving a legal problem.  You do the remaining tasks and are responsible for the overall progress of your case.

Some of the tasks we might do for you include:

  1. Providing advice on your legal rights

  2. Providing advice on the chances of success

  3. Providing advice within a larger legal matter, for example, checking a letter to be sent to the other party in your own name.

  4. Helping you to manage an urgent risk without time to do a thorough investigation


We very rarely go to court or write to other people on your behalf.



Contact Us

Our preferred methods of contact are:


Phone: 09 377 9449

Text: 022 371 8826


You can also come to our office (but we are unlikely to have a lawyer available to help you on that visit).  Our address is: Level 2; 16-22 Anzac Ave; Auckland CBD.